Build your Business: Location and Traffic Flow

Looking for retail space to lease for your business? Consider two things: location and traffic flow. Positioning your business near a branded convenience store and gas station is a great way to capture traffic that is already shopping next door.

Cost per Square Foot within your Budget

Sure, every business would like to be positioned next to a big-box store or movie theatre, but the higher cost per square foot of retail space might not be in your budget. Majors Management offers a variety of retail locations with rent payments that work for your new or growing business. Great location, great traffic flow, good for your business! Ask yourself:
  • What location is convenient for my current customers?
  • How will I attract future customers?
  • Is business steady throughout the year, or do I have high/low seasons?
  • How much can I realistically spend on rent each month? Each year?
  • When do I plan to move into the new space?
  • What signage or build-out will I need before opening?
  • What do I expect from my business partner, Majors Management?
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It’s Personal

Majors Management started in 1975 as a commercial real estate developer. From there we added convenience stores and branded fuel programs. We understand that choosing the right location for your business is a big decision. We also know that timing is important to starting up your business in the new location, and anything that delays your opening can affect your cash flow. So, we make it personal by meeting you, discussing the pros and cons of as-is, white box-ready and raw spaces, and helping you through the permitting and leasing process. Your business can benefit from our real estate expertise. Find Retail Space